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A period of 24 months was chosen.

A period of 24 months was chosen.

A period of 24 months was chosen. The consumer can schedule the duration between 12-84 months. To do this, call up the installment loan comparison calculator and enter the loan amount you require and the desired loan term. You will immediately receive the results of the cheapest lenders with the cheapest loan offers on the Internet. For each loan offered, you can then contact the provider and claim, request or abandon the loan.

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Car loan despite debt

Car loan despite debt

But how can you pay for your car when you have no savings or maybe even loans? A car loan in spite of debt is fundamentally not an end in itself in many cases. The question must be answered to what extent the old loans reduce your creditworthiness. When is it easy to get a car loan despite being in debt?

Anyone who needs vehicle financing but is already in debt has to answer two questions to the house bank: Do the debts influence his creditworthiness – in other words, his ability to repay his loan? In principle, credit institutions cannot rely on existing liabilities as a knockout criterion, whether they want to grant a car loan or not. Because billions of people in Germany have been indebted for decades because they buy or build their own house.

However, the monthly installments are set so high that most potential borrowers can easily pay out an additional loan. Despite your indebtedness, do future creditors still have enough leeway to comfortably pay the interest rate for vehicle financing? If this is the case, vehicle financing can easily be obtained.

The situation is completely different if your existing claims significantly reduce your creditworthiness. After that, as long as you don’t have monthly surpluses sufficient to pay the loan installments, you cannot get the loan alone. In such a case, you must conclude the vehicle financing together with a second creditworthy personality.

If your surplus is very low, you need to find the right reasons to persuade the house bank to give you the grant. The creditworthiness thus increases your creditworthiness. In this case, it should be your house bank’s turn and award the contract to you. But you can also help shape the car loan despite being in debt: You have the opportunity to experiment with the car loan:

The loan will be more expensive for you due to the increased interest rates – but the interest rates will fall to a level that you can bear even with poor creditworthiness.