The personal loan is a flagship product of consumer credit. Without proof of use of money, it allows you to carry out all kinds of projects. We will compare the personal loan rates, based on the APR, but above all see how to get the best credit rate without ever doubting.

The personal loan rate, a fixed APR

The personal loan rate, a fixed APR

The personal credit rate is always expressed in APR (annual effective annual rate). This rate must be present on all credit offers. The APR is always fixed in the case of a personal loan, indicating that the conditions for obtaining it cannot change. The monthly payments are therefore constant. It differs from the revisable APR, applied in the context of a revolving credit.

Characteristics of the personal loan

  • Personal loan rate: fixed APR
  • Amount: $ 200 to $ 75,000
  • Duration: 12 to 72 months
  • Credit without proof of use of money
  • Proposed by: credit organizations, banks, insurers

Personal loan is a consumer credit product widely offered and in high demand. The absence of proof of use of funds makes it a real all-terrain credit. This is one of the reasons why its rates are on average slightly higher than the rates of the work loan or even the car credit, two types of loans requiring justification to the lender.

Comparison of personal loan rates

Comparison of personal loan rates

We carried out a 10,000 USD personal credit simulation from our comparator, in order to obtain the best rate .


For a personal loan of 10,000 $
Best fixed APR rate
Rate of the third organism of our comparator
Over 12 months
Monthly payments: $ 837.83
Credit cost: $ 53.96
Monthly payments: $ 848.04
Credit cost: $ 176.48
Over 24 months
Monthly payments: $ 430.88
Credit cost: $ 341.12
Monthly payments: $ 442.75
Credit cost: $ 626.00
Over 36 months
Monthly payments: $ 293.16
Credit cost: $ 553.73
Monthly payments: $ 303.76
Credit cost: $ 935.36
Over 48 months
Monthly payments: $ 222.45
Credit cost: $ 677.60
Monthly payments: $ 232.82
Credit cost: $ 1,175.36
Over 60 months
Monthly payments: $ 181.67
Credit cost: $ 900.00

Credit cost: $ 1,571.00


The best credit 10 000 USD is always offered at an APR rate much more attractive than that of the third organization. This difference results in a drastically lower total cost of credit. The interest due is on average almost twice as high when choosing the third organization, in comparison with the best .

This comparison highlights how important it is to use a comparator to hope to find the lowest rate . Note also that the best specialists are all organizations well known to the French.

Online credit or at my bank?

Banks find it much more difficult to measure risk when offering a personal loan rate. The rates displayed are sometimes attractive, but they actually only offer attractive offers to their very very good customers.

Banks only offer personal loans to their best customers, in order to keep them loyal. They are not specialized in consumer loans as are online credit organizations. Most credit organizations are also subsidiaries of large banks (Zaloan is owned by Demivo, Viloan is owned by CreditCole, etc.).

Personal loan: how to get the best rate?

Our credit comparator has been developed to provide an immediate response in principle to any personal loan simulation . Once the form is filled, the organizations offering the best personal loan rate are therefore classified. The only criterion in this case is the APR rate. The first is then questioned immediately. Among the best specialists, let us quote the Bankate personal loan, that of Viloan or Zaloan.

In the event of a negative response at the best rate, it is possible to request the second organization with one click, as well as the third. A positive response (acceptability> 50%) triggers a confirmation by email within 24 hours. Nothing prevents at this time to compare the low rate loan obtained with that offered by his bank. Our experience allows us, however, to say that the banking offer is rarely more attractive than that of consumer credit specialists.

Personal loan: Proof of credit and advice

The personal loan is a credit without supporting documents, but not without supporting documents. Here is the list of parts commonly requested to obtain this consumer loan.

  • ID
  • Proof of address
  • Tax notice
  • Last two pay slips
  • RIB

Preparing supporting documents in advance saves time, facilitating a quick personal loan request. It should be noted that some credit organizations offer electronic signatures and the sending of supporting documents in digital format, but most require that the contract be returned in paper version. It is very important to read the contract carefully, check the personal loan rate, and sign in all the necessary places. It should also be remembered that supplementary insurance is optional in the case of a personal loan.

In order to obtain a fast credit, it is possible to request to receive the transfer after the legal reflection period, fixed at 8 days. In this case, the money can arrive in the account in 10 to 12 days, depending on the response time and the speed of the transfer. Finally, the withdrawal period runs for 14 days from the date of signature. A withdrawal slip is generally attached to the credit agreement. If necessary, you must contact the lender very quickly, or send an explicit registered letter. To know everything about the personal loan contract, it’s here .